Time’s Never Enough – What Should I Do?

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Time’s Never Enough

Classes from 7am till 6pm, tons of assignments, seminars, projects, religious and social activities. Some even dare into politics and add some extracurricular activities. Wow!

Many at times, Time seems to be a great issue for students. They feel that there’s barely any breathing space and most times, one or more aspects of their lives flounder. It’s simple, time’s never enough. However, there are those who seem to be handling all these quite well while there are some who seem to be derelict in their duties. Then, there are others who have taken up the “I don’t care” attitude and sit back whilst watching life pass them by. They give up and say, “it’s simply too much…what am I supposed to do?”

Well, if you are among the people that feel time’s never enough, the first thing you should do is start caring and stop seeing your problems as insurmountable mountains. Once that is achieved, you’ll be able to take the first step towards solving them. It is quite important for you to read ahead of classes, do your assignments and make sure that every other commitment is well attended to. Don’t let your life in school pass you by. One might say there is no time now but let’s face reality, there will never be time so start getting used to it. That’s one of the things I tell myself anytime things start getting hectic and I feel like quitting. It is quite vital that one learns to manage their time effectively now. I try to prioritize and do a little give and take. But remember, too much must not be given or else another area suffers.  That’s just my take on things. There are many others who have successfully managed or are still managing their time on campus quite effectively.

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  1. jessie 1 year ago

    Well, being a student @Futo is quite tasking, as there are important issue to be attended to at a goal. In fact as I advanced in school, more pressing issue came up. but EFFECTIVE PLANNING went a long way. With that I still ventured into politics and had amazing time for my studies. This ‘effective planning’ has to be as practical as possible; journals, chart board, Google calender, alarms and so much more.

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