Challenges Of Being A Teenage Girl In Today’s World

WOMAN | Challenges Of Being A Teenage Girl In Today’s World | Wednesday, July 18 | Hosted by Jaymee |

Teenage girls are girls between the ages twelve (12) and twenty (20) and are usually found in secondary schools or their early years in various institutions of higher learning. Due to the advancement in the globe, a teenage girl faces  new challenges and problems which were not common in the old times. Times have changed from the way they communicate, dress, associate and interact with the outside world. About 80% of teenagers today live their life on the internet and it has become an addictive part of their being and this may influence the realistic way of perceiving life and valuing real face to face human relationship and they might have unrealistic expectations from life.

Challenges Of Being A Teenage Girl In Today’s World

The challenges a teenage girl faces in today’s world include:

1. Academic failure: Many teens are no longer dedicating time to their academics due to distraction especially the internet and media. This is making them more lazy in putting their brain to work, some are so engrossed with the fantasy to get into college fast that they overwork themselves and probably drop out. Parents need to start paying attention and guiding their teen girls about the importance of education and how not to misplace priorities.

2. Depression: Fake life is everywhere for you to see; flashy things, all the gram for the glamour has a lasting negative effect on the teenage girl who might feel low self esteem or try to meet up with the lives the internet has posed to be the best and happy kind of life. This has a mental effect and hence depression. Many teen girls are also not getting involved in sports and self building activities that could train their mind and ward off negative thoughts.

Other challenges are:

3. Drug Abuse
4. Cyber sex
5. Addiction to social network
6. Obesity and malnutrition
7. Peer pressure
8. Unhealthy relationship
9. Sexual Abuse
10. Moral bankruptcy and teenage pregnancy

What Parents Can Do

Trying to threaten her or force her to open up to you will never help your teenage girl, the best is to create a good relationship with her, ask for her opinion on topics, help her trust you and teach her values and consequences of some negative traits and help her attend life changing workshops and get involved in helpful activities. Your teenage girl is important, pay attention to her.

Interactive Session

Do you know any other challenge teenage girls face?
What can society do to help teenage girls surmount these problems?

Please share!

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