Getting That Extra- To The Curricular In School (Extracurricular Activities)

The Campus Chatroom | Getting That Extra- To The Curricular In School (Extracurricular Activities) | Hosted by Ogechukwu Peace Egwuatu |

Extracurricular activities are usually a core part of primary school education. The programs usually run through secondary schools becoming more relaxed. Then comes the higher institutions in which extracurricular activities are given little or no regard. As much as students have to make good grades, the immense pressure on them results in a monochromatic lifestyle which revolves mainly around school work and very little else. According to Nicole Jackson, they become zombies whose world revolves around books, with no room for their development as human beings. Even those whose worlds do not revolve around books do not see the need to involve in extracurricular activities. It is of great necessity to understand its relevance. Extracurricular activities ensure that a student fully develops and is just as important as regular school work.

Studies have proven that students who engage in extracurricular activities improve academically. This can be attributed to acquired skills like time management, improved self-esteem and organizational skills. They learn to properly coordinate themselves, gain more knowledge and find better self expression. They also develop a sense of commitment and responsibility. Whether it’s a football club or debating society that one joins, he learns to view his team members as family. He learns to take up tasks and handle people relying on him. In essence, he builds his team work skills and when given positions of responsibility, hones his leadership skills. These activities also go a long way to widen the social circles of individuals. One can meet, interact with and make friends of people they wouldn’t ordinarily talk to outside the group. These societies make one stronger and better and it is saddening that they are no longer looked up to in Nigerian higher institutions.

Perhaps it is because unlike schools in other countries, extracurricular activities barely hold weight in admission decisions and they are barely recognized by the school authorities. We’ve seen the importance of extracurricular activities and how a deficient labour force will be pushed into the market if we keep going at the same pace. 

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How exactly do we promote co-curricular activities in our higher institutions?
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