Leadership Quote of the Day – Paul Polman

Today’s leadership quote is by Paul Polman.

“Leadership is not just about giving energy… it’s unleashing other people’s energy.”

Paul Polman (born 11 July 1956)

Who is Paul Polman?

Paulus Gerardus Josephus Maria Polman KBE is a Dutch businessman. After a long-term tenure with Procter & Gamble, he joined the board of Nestlé in 2006. Since 2009, he has been the chief executive officer (CEO) of the British-Dutch consumer goods company Unilever. Polman has received several awards for business leadership related to sustainable development.

Polman was born and grew up in the Dutch city of Enschede, in a Catholic family with three brothers and two sisters, the son of a tyre company executive father and a former schoolteacher mother.

Polman had hoped to become a doctor, but medical school places were allocated by lottery and he was not chosen. Instead, he studied at the University of Groningen, graduating with a BBA/BA in 1977. He completed his MA in Economics and MBA in Finance and International Marketing in 1979 at University of Cincinnati. In June 2014 Polman received his honorary doctorate during the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen.

On May 18, 2018, Polman received his Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from George Mason University. As the day’s Commencement speaker, Dr. Polman declared, “Any system where too many feel they are not participating or are left behind will ultimately rebel against itself.” Capturing the spirit of his own sense of purpose, he continued, “The world we want will only be achieved when we choose action over indifference, courage over comfort, and solidarity over division.”

Source: Wikipedia

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