Life Hacks For A First Date

WOMAN | Life Hacks For A First Date | Wednesday, July 4 | Hosted by Jaymee |

Let’s talk about love and relationship ladies!

The year is rolling fast and we are meeting new people; trying to heal from a heart break and move on, planning to go on a blind date or matchmaking date; whatever the case may be, we got you covered.

Many of us usually do not get called on for a second date because we fell short in some areas and chased away our potential date or belittled ourselves. It is okay not to be perfect; but not nice to take bad habits or dress ideas or inexperienced self for that date. I know you want to find love but at the same time, a first date is not a necessity for a relationship but can be a good basis for friendship.

Today, let’s look at some life hacks for your first date.

Life Hacks For A First Date

  •  Never be too optimistic and get heart broken or disappointed; keep your hopes on the low so you will not almost die when it does not turn out good.
  • Be punctual
  • Do not let your first date exceed 8:30pm; its a meet, greet and know me a little bit; not a full blown affair
  • Make efforts to look cute, pretty and classy, you don’t have to go naked to impress a man by showing off cleavage for example
  • Be calm, and if you get nervous call someone who knows the right words for you
  • Don’t dictate expensive places for a first date; its okay if it’s modest
  • Don’t choose crowdy places
  • Watch the shoes you wear, heels give confidence, but you never can tell how the date goes, wear something super comfortable
  • Don’t express disappointment if he looks nothing like his profile or if he lied about something
  • Discuss things that are important to you but do not focus only on yourself; consider him too
  • Don’t talk about your ex or a terrible situation going on at home
  • Be watchful and study him well
  • Don’t appear desperate; it could chase him
  • Don’t get into an argument or talk him down
  • Avoid talks about sex
  • Don’t ask too many questions; take it slow
  • Let him see you are a person of worth and value from the first date
  • Study your connection and ask yourself if he’s the type of person you want to be with
  • Be honest, pleasant and friendly
  • Be courteous; don’t be on the phone, mind your eating habits etc.
  • Don’t get drunk

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