My Expensive Lifestyle on Campus

The Campus Chatroom |My Expensive Lifestyle on Campus | Today, May 10 | 8.00 pm | Article by Peace Egwuatu |

The cost of education is very high. That everyone knows already. Or do they? Don’t conclude yet until I’ve told you all about “my expensive lifestyle on campus.”

Despite the somewhat reduced tuition fees in Federal Government Schools, students still have a lot to contend with. They have to buy textbooks, course materials and pay faculty, departmental, class and other dues that come up during the course school year. Very taxing right? However, what’s more taxing is the cost of living on campus and my fellow campusians can bare witness to this.

Now, depending on the institution and its location, daily providing for your basic needs can range from average to exorbitant. There are no discount rates or similar benefits as obtainable in other countries for students. The best a student can hope for is reduced cost out of the benevolence of the sellers. Shop owners within the school premises are taxed so much that goods sold are more expensive on campus than off campus. This forces students who can’t afford the increments to make trips to the market for things they normally need. That seems like an expensive lifestyle on campus to me.

What about accommodation? Every year, the scramble for accommodation is a problem in most institutions. It is quite amusing to hear students congratulating themselves when they  get a bed space in the hostel. Taking advantage of this other individuals make a lot of money renting out lodges around the campus to students. After paying steep amounts, students who have settled for the cheapest of the available accommodation have to pay high rates for water and electricity which is barely constant. That aside, to get around, you either have pay for transport or trek the long distances if you can’t afford it. Those who cannot get a space on campus or afford off-campus accommodation have no other option that to squat with the more fortunate ones.

A survey has shown that while this situation doesn’t cut across all institutions, quite a good number are affected in one way or the other especially in the very popular institutions. It is quite unsettling that things being sold on campus are more expensive than off campus. At the very least they should cost as much if not lesser. Or what do you think? What exactly is the best course of action to ensure that costs are more bearable for students while sellers still make their profit?

‘How do we’ or ‘Who can help’ cut our expensive lifestyle on campus?

Let’s hear it people. We should not just complain. If we think there’s a problem, we should also think up a solution.

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