Recipe For A Successful Relationship

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Its important for couples not be complacent and too comfortable that they do not bother to spice up their relationship and add flavour to keep their love life interesting and adventurous. There is no perfection in any relationship, people who love each other only work together to create a happy, successful and healthy relationship.

Love is difficult, full of hurdles and puddles but yet the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone. Love is work, commitment, patience and sacrifice. Successful couples take their time out and work hand in hand to stay in love and work it out. Here are some of the weekly or regular activities they indulge in to keep their relationship going. I’ll call it “the recipe for a successful relationship.

Recipe For A Successful Relationship

1. Non sexual intimacy every time they are around each other e.g kissing, cuddling without sexual intent.
2. Part ways daily with a lot of affection e.g. a hug and kiss on the cheek.
3. Sleeping on the same bed and at the same time.
4. They create laughter and laugh a lot, together.
5. They create common activities to share together like television programs, working out and reading etc.
6. They surprise each other with beautiful gifts or texts however small or big.
7. Cook together; full course meals.
8. Travel together to a special place.
9. Plan a regular check in to know the wrongs and rights in the relationship.
10. More love, less fight.
11. Talk things out; dont bottle up your pains and emotions.
12. Spice up your sexual life; try out new things in bed.
13. Play games together, do work outs together.
14. Apologize and always be grateful.
15. Make out little things to make them feel special.
16. Support each other, have each others back and exclude third parties.
17. Manage finances together.
18. Discuss deep things and work on your individual self.
19. Be ready to stay together in love.
20. Pray together, couple who pray together, stay together.

Check yourself and your relationship, are things getting boring or are you falling out of love? This is time to fix the relationship!

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Which of the above works for you?
Are there other ways couples can spice up their relationship?

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