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There are certain attributes, character or features that comes to mind when the word “WOMAN” is mentioned. It’s a general norm that she should act, talk, walk, dress, interact, and compose herself (either in public or at home) in a certain way. There are high expectations when it comes to gender roles and stereotype woman. For example, stereotypically me, I am expected to be graceful, quiet, peaceful, homely and kind and the man is supposed to be bold and outspoken. There is the belief that the male gender should be territorial and dominant in all ramifications.

What are the typical gender stereotypes?

There are quite a number of them. Females are:

  1. In charge of all domestic chores
  2. Graceful, nurturing and emotional
  3. Do jobs like teaching, nursing and food selling
  4. Supposed to be accommodating and homely
  5. Meant to wear dresses, heels and makeup
  6. Not allowed to work
  7. Passive, naive, not experienced sexually or are meant to satisfy the men’s sexual needs not hers
  8. Romantic novel readers
  9. Expected to be submissive even in abusive or unhappy relationships or marriages

These stereotypical or gender roles pose a lot of problems in the society in that it affects the females expressiveness, it messes up their self esteem, it gives room for inequality, points to the career woman as someone who lacks character or is proud. Stereotypes fight against her independence, self value and intelligence.

The world is changing and no character traits or roles should be accustomed to the male or female gender, everyone should be allowed to be an expression of their true selves not fighting for a reputation or impression from the society.
There should be no sexism, gender discrimination, or inequality; everyone should be treated alike regardless of who they are or what they represent. While being stereotypically me already, how can stop the stereotypical traits?

Ways To Stop The Stereotypical Traits Associated with Females 

It is in the hands of the females to fight against the high expectations or stereotypical traits associated with females. It is important to know the social consequences and limitations it causes.

Here are the various ways to fight gender stereotype:

  1. Females should speak up for themselves, especially in places where sexism and gender discrimination exists, regardless of where this is done.
  2. Awareness should be created especially on the internet or broadcast stations to eradicate this and learn to point out the stereotype traits you recognize
  3. Do not be scared to chase your goal or career even if it is commonly associated with men.
  4. Support your fellow women and empower them by creating a platform for them to express themselves.

Stereotypically me.

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Are you a victim of female stereotypes? Are you guilty of this social issue?
What suggestions do you have for its eradication. Share with us.

Live now!

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