Signs Your Man Does Not Deserve You

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Love is difficult yet sweet; it is a beautiful pain, so you will only be deceiving yourself you don’t want someone who will not hurt you or cause you pain; but finding someone who is worth the pain, someone who deserves your heart is a rat chase. Many women endure unhappy, toxic relationships because they are too blind in love to see the damage being done to their health and life. Love might come with challenges but should not exert pressure on your health, self esteem and happiness.

What is An Unhappy Relationship? 

Oftentimes, those seemingly successful relationships can become turbulent as they progress. These ups and downs are quite commonplace and should be anticipated. But if the phases get longer and don’t seem to pass, and unsettling feelings of discontent and weariness grow stronger, you should ask yourself whether the relationship is the right one for you or not. Here are the signs your man does not deserve you and is not the one for you.

Signs Your Man Does Not Deserve You

  1. He makes you sad more than he makes you happy.
  2. He makes you doubt yourself and messes with your self confidence.
  3. He puts others happiness before yours.
  4. The relationship is all about him.
  5. He lies to you; his honesty is questionable.
  6. He belittles you privately and publicly.
  7. He constantly breaks your trust.
  8. He has cheated once before.
  9. He does not support your dreams and goals.
  10. You have developed new insecurities because of him.
  11. He does not involve you in his plans and life.
  12. He avoids serious conversations about the relationship.
  13. You are changing who you are to make him happy.
  14. He does not challenge you to be the best you can be.
  15. He isolates you from loved ones.
  16. You find yourself fighting for the relationship and he is putting less or zero efforts.
  17. He criticizes you and compare you to others.

If this is your story, my dear, you have to move on; he can never make you happy. Don’t stay in a relationship that extracts your energy and deposits bitterness in you. You deserve better.

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