Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

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A toxic relationship is an unhealthy relationship in which the union is unfavorable and a threat to the health and well being of either both parties or one of the individuals in a relationship. In all spheres of life, relationships (partnerships, friendships, marriage, romance, family) are essential for the continuity and stability of mankind and the world. No one is an island, we all need one another to survive and live. Therefore one of the important factors of human sanity is interaction and relationship. No relationship is perfect and no human interaction is always blissful, but when you always feel drained, unhappy, depressed and get negative vibes, you need to start reevaluating and ask yourself questions.

Most times, we stay with toxic partners because we are either scared to start all over or we close our eyes to the red signals because we are in love and cannot imagine our lives without them. Its never too late to fix or break that relationship, love is beautiful and worth fighting for and I present to you telltale signs that a relationship is “toxic”.

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

1. Giving Without Receiving: You give, make sacrifices and a lot of effort but get little or nothing in return. It’s not like you should give with the aim of getting a payback, but it is frustrating and pointless to be the only one fighting to make it work out or making efforts at happiness.

2. Commitment Issues: Your partner avoids serious talks that has to do with the relationship, for example fights, misunderstandings or talks about the future. You find him disappearing or even going blank when matters arise. This is a sign.

3. Unhealthy Criticism: It is beautiful when your partner corrects you or advises you either on your looks, attitude, manners or even your career; but it becomes a problem when they see no good in you and always find reasons to pass negative comments about almost everything about you. They find every opportunity to put you down.

4. Low Standards: Do you find yourself lowering your standards of living, your values, character just to fit in with your partner? This is a problem

5. Feeling of unworthiness and low self esteem.

6. Constantly receiving breakup threats.

7. Revengeful acts by the other party.

8. Cheating and consistent lies.

9. Isolation from your loved ones.

10. You have little to no say in the relationship.

11. Continuous hurt and unhappiness.

It is pointless staying in an unhealthy relationship or having fear of speaking up because they might desert you. It’s time to do an overall checkup, and either work it out or walk away. There is always sunshine after the storm, light after every dark tunnel, so never you believe you cannot make it work or find love again.

Do something about that relationship today!

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