Terms of Use

These terms of use (including supplemental terms that may be added for specific services) govern Parlizia’s relationship with users and others who interact on our site including Parlizia products and services. The use of Parlizia Services binds you to these terms and conditions and means that you agree with it as written and as may be updated in the future. Additional resources have been provided below to guide you on using Parlizia.

User Content and Information

Please take note of the following on your content and information:

  1. Ownership and control (via privacy and application settings) of all content and information you post on Parlizia are yours.
  2. Subject to your privacy and application settings, we are granted permission to use intellectual property (IP) content posted on Parlizia. This permission ends on deletion of the content or your account unless when shared with others who are yet to delete the content. Note that removed content may remain for some time in our backups.
  3. Any content published on the Public setting means that everyone on and off Parlizia has access, and can use/associate that information with you.


Please note that Parlizia will always do what’s best to ensure safety of our site. To assist us in achieving this goal, we require your commitment to the following:

  1. No upload of viruses or other malicious code that could affect the operation of Parlizia.
  2. No attempt to access or compromise someone else’s account.
  3. No unauthorized collection of users’ content or information, or otherwise access Parlizia, using automated means.
  4. No threats, harassment, bullying, hate speech, intimidation and pornography is allowed on Parlizia.
  5. No unlawful schemes or campaigns on Parlizia.
  6. No posting of unauthorized commercial communications.
  7. No violation of Parlizia policies or guidelines contained in this Terms and conditions.
  8. Appropriate age restrictions and warnings shall be placed as required by law on products (e.g. alcohol, cigarette etc. including their adverts) or mature content.
  9. All use of Parlizia is at user’s risk.

Registration of Account and Security

All users are required to provide real names and authentic information in order to maintain security of accounts. The rules governing this include the following:

  1. No user shall provide false personal information, create more than one personal account or create an account for someone else without due permission. All contact information provided must be up-to-date and accurate.
  2. Once a user’s account has been deactivated by Parlizia, the user shall not create another account without due permission.
  3. No user shall share his/her password or allow another user to manage their accounts.
  4. Parlizia has the right to remove or deny use of a chosen username if perceived as inappropriate or false.
  5. No user shall be below 13 years of age.
  6. No user timeline shall be used for the purpose of personal commercial or other gains. This can only be done via applicable features on the podium.
  7. No user shall be a convicted sex offender.

Rights of other Users

All users are expected to respect the rights of other persons on Parlizia in line with the following:

  1. No action or post shall infringe or violate the rights of others or the law. Such posts/contents shall be removed by Parlizia once seen or reported and can also lead to deactivation of the account. However, if a user thinks it is an error, Parlizia will review any appeals.
  2. No user should post another’s sensitive information on Parlizia except with a declared consent/permission.
  3. Any person collecting user’s information must obtain user’s consent and clearly state the information collected, reasons for it and the intended use. Any of such action must include a privacy policy.
  4. Use of Parlizia Trademarks (or marks with resemblance) is not permitted unless with a written permission from us.

Use of Mobile and Other Devices

Mobile services (text messaging and data charges) shall be according to user’s network carrier rates and fees.

Making Payments

All payments on Parlizia shall be in line with our payment terms unless otherwise stated.


All advertisements on Parlizia are aimed at providing value for all parties (user and advertiser) involved. We are permitted by this guidelines/policy to use your details (name, pictures or other contents) in connection to adverts enhanced by Parlizia without any compensation to you. Any disclosure of user’s information or content to advertisers shall be with user’s consent.


Violation of these terms of use shall result in the termination of Parlizia services to a user in part or fully. An email, prompt on your account or outright deactivation of account shall serve as the notification.


All disputes or claims arising from or related to these Terms and Conditions or Parlizia shall be resolved exclusively in a Court of Competent Jurisdiction in Nigeria, and all users hereby agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating claims. The laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall fully govern any claim that might arise with a user, without regard to conflict of law provisions. We are hereby indemnified of any claims against us related to a user’s action, content or information on Parlizia.


Date of Last Revision: March 31st, 2017

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